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Data Architecture

Building your data store? Is your structured, unstructured, big, smart, fast?
Whatever your data, we can help your organization design the best architecture to collect, store, transform, distribute and use it.

Data Governance

Every successful data journey starts with a clear strategy for your Data Governance.
Clenzics helps you in building and implementing the best tools for your Data Quality, Privacy and Security and Data regulatory frameworks such as GDPR.

Data Visualization

Data visualizations and storytellings tell more than spreadsheets. But building persuasive visualizations can be tricky.
From Sankey to race bar charts,
Clenzics helps you extract relevant data, build strong narratives and share the enlightening stories behind your data.

Machine Learning

Are you modeling your first AI algorithms or in search of top-notch practices in model deployment ?
Clenzics has the solution for you. We design, optimize, deploy and monitor your machine learning algorithms and inference instance.